Björn is the front man and lead singer of Björnocatör. He is also a regular bombshell when on
stage, and his energetic and powerful performance is enhanced by his radiant white fur coat
and his two-handed skull axe, which serves as a microphone.

He is the undisputed and dictatorial leader of the band and is once overheard saying that
"democracy is for wimps and soft rockers - despotism is the only True Metal way!"
Jönas is the free spirit of the band. His extravagant and quite alternative playing style leaves
its unmistakable fingerprint on all of Björnocatör's songs, whether it's Slayer, Judas Priest or
Björnocatör's own.

According to himself, this is due to his position as lead singer in the progressive metal band,
Behind the Curtain - a position that provides him with a lyrical touch usually unheard of in
classic metal.

On stage, his performance is characterized by Kiss style make-up, bulging biceps and
spectacular poses and gestures.
Jän is the newest member of Björnocatör, but he is probably the one with the most experience,

His earlier escapades as the drummer in several metal bands of various (and dubious) nature has left him
with scars on the soul however, and when questioned about his ominous past, he merely
replies: "Do not remind me of that." Nevertheless, he takes pride in one of the bands of his past, the
Sønderborg cover band Dark Graves, which exploited the songs of Sepultura and Paradise
Lost, among others.

As it is, his playing has not suffered the least from his traumatic metal background, and he is
both fast and furious when placed behind the drum kit.
Jäcob is the right hand man of lead singer Björn - together, the two of them drive the other
members forth through the awe inspiring world of True Metal classics, as well as initiate the
writing of new material for the band.

Jäcob's rebellious nature and voluminous appearance provides his stage performance with
provocative power and weight - traits he also use when he takes the stage as lead singer in
virulent metal maniacs Melodic Meltdown.
Jaköb is the sturdy foundation in the rhythm section. His newly evolved skills as bass player
are influenced highly by his interest in electronic music, and this provides the Björnocatör
metal with a unique and innovative sound.

However new to the genre, his background as a classical piano player has left him with a
profound understanding of the grandeur, as well as the simplicity, of True Metal, and this
enables him to play and perform with great vigor and skill.
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