Björnocatör belongs to a very select group of Metal Makers:
they play and dedicate their lives to the promotion of True Metal - Metal,
the way your mother used to make it!! Björnocatör has been in existence
since late 2001.

It all began on a rainy evening in an apartment in Aalborg. Four guys were
sharing a few beers and listening to the good old True Metal classics.
On that very night, they decided to share their unconditional love of this
music with the rest of the world, and as a consequence, they founded


The original line-up included drummer Petër, as well as Björn on vocals, Jacöb on guitar and Jäkob
on bass, but Petër was quickly replaced by funky drummer Thömas, who featured on the band's
first ever concert at Studenterhuset, Aalborg on 22nd of March, 2003. Lead guitarist Jönas also
joined for that show, but unlike Thömas, who chose the more commercialized genres of pop, funk
and jazz over metal, Jönas was taken in by the band's powerful playing style and chose to continue
as the lead man on guitar. Following Thömas' exit, former thrash-metal drummer Jän joined as the
new guy in the rythm section, and he plans to 'keep hanging in there', as he takes great pleasure
in the band's choice of song material.

Björnocatör's repertoire ranges from True Metal classics by Metallica, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne,
Slayer and Judas Priest to newly written material - currently, the maximum playing time is 2 x 45
minutes of cover material.

The goals for the next year are to expand the existing repertoire to 2 x 60 minutes of cover material
and 1 x 60 minutes of Björnocatör's own material - and to cut a record deal and become Metal Multi
Millionaires, naturally!!

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