29th of December, 2005: Skråen, Aalborg.
Björnocatör, Travelane and Melodic Meltdown.

17th of December, 2005: Julerok, Sønderborghus, Sønderborg.
Björnocatör, Kormplots, Monstah and Ballbreaker.

20th of August, 2005: Road Hogs MC, Vestbjerg.

15th of January, 2005: Studenterhuset, Aalborg.
Björnocatör, Guns Tribute and Maiden Aalborg.

28th of December, 2004: Skråen, Aalborg.
Björnocatör, SWS, Melodic Meltdown and Insidiöus Törment.

17th of April, 2004: Hells Angels' place, Nørresundby.

28th of February, 2004: Studenterhuset, Aalborg.
Björnocatör, Insidiöus Törment and Melodic Meltdown.

22nd of March, 2003: Studenterhuset, Aalborg.
Björnocatör, Maiden Aalborg and Insidiöus Törment.

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